wildman/WOMAN retreat

2021 dates tbc

the wildman/wildwoman retreat, what’s it all about?

Well….. lets us first state what it is not.

It’s not going to be some programmed itinerary, just sitting around chilling,(although there will be plenty of chill time) wanky self help retreat.

No no no…….. uh uh.

That’s not how we roll.

We help you connect more to those deeper wild, raw, primal, unpolished, inappropriate parts of yourself.

Whilst having challenging, playful adventures in mountains and rivers and maybe a couple of surprises with other wild men and women. Would that be something that spikes your mischievous curiosity?

That’s a rhetorical question by the way, of course it fucking does.

Basically an intense playground for your wild side to come out and play.

Using the mountains and nature and some of the most stunning, pure surroundings you’ll ever see. that’s a straight up FACT.

These are the parts of you that often get squashed down for being too much, too disruptive, inappropriate, unpolished, raw,

They are also the parts of you that want to be expressed the most but maybe are deemed not acceptable, not normal, shameful.

They’re the most shenaniganery, mischievous, playful, CREATIVE sides of you and you keep them hidden away.

That darker side in us that people are so afraid of that actually holds some of the very best parts of you that you’ve forgotten. Remember what you were like as a kid?

Wonder why when as a kid you’re so creative and imaginative, when life was more about adventure, play and fun and less about seriousness and overthinking?

Then you forget and fill up on a bunch of bullshit that rubs the edges off and turns you into a tame dim version of once you were.

But hey……..who needs more creativity anyway right? Especially if you’re in the business of impacting other humans, a leader, a business owner, a father, a mother, a husband, a wife, a friend, why wouldn’t you want to inject more of yourself in these aspects of your life?

What better way to bring that shit out than having epic experiences and adventures where you can let that shit fully SHINE and completely DISCONNECT from your world for a while in the wild, you know……… what is NATURALLY our environment.

We set up the environment for you, take care of EVERYTHING while you’re here so that ALL of your attention, energy and focus is on you. Zero distractions.

All you do is turn up at the airport….. we got you.

Taking you completely away from your day to day environment, into the mountains to get those intense, wild, primal parts of you shaken loose.

You know what else is pretty fucking awesome? The clarity, core confidence, deeper connection, creation are INEVITABLE outcomes from the stripping back, disconnecting and challenge, winner winner chicken dinner!

Let the mountains and nature do the work and have plenty of chill time to introspect with yourself after in a sweet ass mountain villa with sexy food and like minded individuals.

What else could you want?

It’s the PERFECT environment for deeper insight, clarity and introspection while going to your edges and having ALL the adventure and play.

I may be bias but this is the perfect blend of environment, adventure, play, space, disconnection, banter, fun, people.

The mix tends to bring up and shake loose below surface, deeper clarity blind spots that are difficult to get to on your own.

We’ve had people gain more insight, clarity and make decisions in their relationships, their business, environment, current life challenges, change of direction, letting shit go, emotional purges and clearances, going beyond their previously conceived mental limits, mental shifts in SELF. It’s pretty fucking awesome to witness.


You’re probably one of those people that already know how important your environment is for your well being, your personal growth and value different ways of getting deeper insights and understanding of yourself as you know how that effects EVERYTHING you do and flows into every area of your life. Relationships, business, health, finances. Not to mention keeping your fucking sanity, enhancing your creativity and ideas, integrating, taking action, getting deeper clarity and perspective. You know how important that shit is not only for yourself but to have bigger impact in YOUR world.

You might mediate, take some time out of your day to just be fucking present, have your you time, introspection etc etc.

But what about being fully disconnected for a whole week? Where all you have to do (the ONLY expectation of you) is to show the fuck up at the airport and have everything else taken care of for you.

No 3,627 daily distractions to keep your mind occupied, but space and stillness mixed in with challenge, adventure and play.

You might be surprised how much of you you’re actually keeping tucked away and hiding and hiding in the background. There’s always more.

Here you will see that juicy stuff surface and bring some gems and gifts with it.

We will poke and provoke it out of you, of course in the most pleasant way.

Fear, insecurities, self doubts will rise for you to observe what other areas in your life are being affected by you holding back by what you can’t see.

psssssssssssst …….. it’s every area.

You’ll really see this playing out through the week and as if by magic the clarity will come for you as you create the space and  capacity for it.

Drop your details below and i’ll be right back to ya!

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What's included exactly?

All you have to do is get to Malaga airport, the rest is taken care of for you. Your transport, food, accommodation, drinks, activities/adventures, airport pick up and drop off.

What are the travel arrangements?

The first day of the retreat is arrival day.

We do advise for you to arrive by early evening so you can have more time to chill out as we will be up and out straight after breakfast the next morning.

Plus we don’t want to drive to the airport at 11pm lol.

Are meals included?

You bet ya god damn sweet ass meals are included, prepared and cooked by Craig who was a Chef for 13 years. Simple, fresh and tasty as fuck.

Just let us know if you have any diet requirements. Especially if you’re a vegan then you can’t come. (hehe) 

What about drinks?

All non alcoholic drinks are included. Maybe a glass of vino for the evenings. 

What’s the deal with accommodation?

You’ll be staying in a tasty villa somewhere in the mountains of Andalucia.

We do our best to ensure there are no more than 2 people per room and we will communicate with you what your room arrangements will be depending on the villa/location we are in. To make sure you’re comfortable when you arrive and not surprised to find you’re bunking in POW camp with 10 other people farting and snoring in your face.

What's the official start and finish times/dates?


What’s the refund policy?

Don’t be silly there are no refunds. But you can transfer to a later retreat if needed. 

What we need from you.

All guests must provide us with BEFORE ARRIVAL:

  • Emergency contact with name, complete international telephone number, email.
  • Digital copy of passport.
  • Any medical issues we need to know about/be aware of.
  • A copy of Travel/Personal insurance, this is your responsibility to ensure you have full travel and personal insurances.
  • Any diet requirements to be sent at least one week in advance.
  • Any injuries or physical restrictions we need to know about.

The wildman/woman  retreat 

Malaga, Spain

£2000 Just get yourself to Malaga, everything else is taken care of. (payment plans available)

To reserve your spot just fill out the contact form above. or private message me on the socials if you have any questions. 

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