The wildman

Mans call to adventure.

Life’s not shit is it.

Life’s not shit is it, can’t complain, you have the well paid work, probably your your own business, you’re a leader, wether that’s in a business sense, your family unit or just you, if you can’t lead yourself you can’t lead others and there is such a need for more healthy masculine leadership examplers.

But that isn’t all that life has to offer for men, c’mon ….. you know as well as i do that there is something deep in your balls you maybe can’t quite put your finger on. Something that’s missing. But you should be grateful for what you’ve got right…… you’ve got all the things, the achievement, success.

Get the fuck on with it, man up, don’t complain, don’t be a pussy etc etc. You know the sayings right.

But where the fuck has your spark gone, your sense of adventure, your PLAY, your  ‘no fucks given’?

You’ve done all the things you’re supposed to have done, but there is always more to do.

So what the fuck is it?

If you want more depth you have to go deeper, there is no fancy way of putting that, well there probably is but you won’t find it here.

Radical self honesty is what you’re here for and to go beyond the surface level bullshit of your ego. You know, the part you’re comfortable with showing the world.

And getting the fuck out of your head.

You and i both know there is way fucking more to you. Way more to let out and play and cause mischief.

Men need oither men, we need brotherhood that is outside of your family, group of friends, environment, from familiarity and your every day normailty.

We need places to go to understand that underneath all the surface level bullshit, beyond the head based shit we men love so fucking much. We all have the same shit going on, just different flavours.

This part is your deepest, adventurous, untamed, playful, no fucks given but also all the fucks gven parts.

This is your the rawest and most honest part of your masculinity, of being a man, it’s your Wildman.

When you’re at your best, everyone around you benefits. 

These are the very best and most fun parts of your personailty, your psyche, FACT.

Imagine if you showed up in the world as an even more fully integrated man.

Leading, being grounded as fuck and more present, open hearted, strong, more expressive, more deeply connected to your own intimacy wothout feeling like your losing manly edge, your energy would be way more fucking attractive, clear and on fucking point, which will flow out into every single area of your life, it can’t not fucking happen, it’s a natural byproduct, an inevetable outcome.

And as for women, your relationships, they’ve had so much experience of what we’ll call unhealthy, wounded masculine that you’ll blow their fucking mind when you show up as a more fully integrated man and open them up even more. Again inevetable outcome and one of the most common patterns i see in relating.

How the fuck do you think that would change your life? Your relationships, sex, work, health, how the fuck you treat yourself, how you show up as an exapler for other men, the people you are working with, your partner, your kids.

And don’t fall into the bullshit male ego trap of ‘i’ve done my mens work’, you are never fucking done, never settle, that’s called complacency and mediocroty and don’t play that bullshit game do we.

Initiation doesn’t happen just once, it’s repeated through challenging experiences throughout your whole life.

This one just happens to be full of adventure, play, fun, shenanigans.  because mens work also gets to be fucking fun and non serious.



Strip back and fully disconnect. 


i’m going to strip you right back to basics, no luxuries (more distraction, apart from maybe a cheeky mountain villa) . Although being in the Andalucia mountains for a week being as disconnected as possible and having a sweet ass time, doing cool as fuck adventurous, challenging man shit is in my opinion is an absolute luxury.

To take you out of your bubble, away from your everyday environment, comforts, habits, complacencies, distractions and familiarities, back to basics in as natural, stripped back environment as possible, you know……where you fucking came from.

I don’t think you could get anymore stripped back and back to basics as that.

Where all of your focus and energy gets pulled back in and has nowhere to go but onto YOU. Because, ya know, you’re in the middle of nowhere nd there’s no fucking netflix.

Actually IMMERSE yourself in that shit. Give yourself some REAL space mixed with all the fun and play, which are your keys to creativity, insight, connection, intimacy, clarity.and inspiration.

You get to be a selfish fucker for a whole 4 nights. It’s all about YOU. You have absolutely ZERO EXPECTATIONS of you but show up at the airport.

I got your back for ANYTHING you need.

It’s like pressing the RESET BUTTON and leaving all your fucks behind for a few days.

Just show up. That’s all you’ve got to do, i’ll take care of the rest.


Let’s be very clear on what this is NOT.

Not to suffocate you with rules and expectations, programmes, itineraries, timings and mother you, wipe your arse. FUCK THAT SHIT. As well as sometimes sucking at real disconnection, we also could do with a little help, guidance,  direction and intentional ‘man time’ from . The other side of the coin which is connection… coming here to disconnect from all the outside business and go balls deep on connection into yourself. and nature while having all the adventure and play.

That’s what we’re stripping back to, the raw, and honest.everything else is bullshit.

You get to go into this as much or as little as you want while doing cool shit in the mountains. Remember, no expectations of you apart from show the fuck up.

And we do this either as a one to one bespoke to you immersions (discussed over a call). Or as a small group upto 4 men.


we need experiences.

The best way to learn is through EXPERIENCE, not sitting around with your thumb up your ass.. I’m going to take you out of your bubble for 4 nights away from your everyday comforts, back to basics and in nature focusing on play,adventure and fun (did i mentaion that) .It’s not some crazy physical challenge so you don’t have to be an athlete by far, However I WILL challenge you because that’s kinda the point. So don’t give me any of that ‘i’m not fit enough right now bullshit’ por favor. It’s designed for your persoanl level and then i’ll take you past it and show you how much more you have. 

It’s an INEVITABLE OUTCOME that your ‘limitations’ will surface for you to take notice of. It can’t NOT happen. so you might as well have some fucking fun in the process right. 


What you need to know.

What will we be doing ?

Going to epic places and having all the adventures, what else do you need to know.

There will be mountains, water, maybe flying, cliff jumping, fear facing, maybe a few little surprises. Remember the primary intension is PLAY. .

We will discuss when you fill out the contact form to book a call (bottom of the page)

Challenge yourself and have some adventure.

That’s what you’re here for right ? To have fun, cause some mischief, thrive through challenge and have amazing experiences and adventures, feel fulfilled in every are of your life, work, relationships, sex, friendships, environment.

This is about filtering out as many distractions and as much bullshit as possible for you and give you the space to chill the fuck out, get out of your head, have some adventures, play and fun, experience what it’s like to have zero expectations of you and have everything taken care of so you don’t even have to think. then see what comes up for you, it ALWAYS does.

What's included exactly?

Basically, everything. Food, accommodation…transport, all adventures.

Remember this is a stripped back to basics experience, taking away as much focus and energy externally as possible, this isn’t a luxury retreat, it’s back to basics, nature, play and adventure.

Anything you need WILL be taken care of so you can just completely chill the fuck out and not concern yourself with anything. I’ll do that for you.

Just bring yourself and your bag of fucks so we can throw them all away.

Make sure you are covered by personal insurance, this isn’t anything too extreme but we are in nature/mountains and altogh nature is beautiful, it can also fuck you up.

What's the investment?

Your investment is £3,500. 

4 nights accomodation, transfers, food, drinks, adventures.

What are the travel arrangements?

Fly into Malaga, the first day is arrival and chill day, but please try and arrive by the afternoon so you have plenty of time to relax and chill, eat, ground yourself. (Dates booked in via consult call). 

What's the group size?

Either one to one immersions or group size upto 4 people. 

(for larger groups contact me for arrangements).

Are meals included?

You bet ya sweet ass meals are included, like i said, all you have to do is turn up and i’ll take care of the rest. Just let me know if you have any diet requirements. Especially if you’re a vegan then you can’t come. (lolz). 

What about drinks?

Water, tea and coffee are provided. 

What’s the deal with accommodation?

A sexy mountain Villa.

What time does it start and finish?

Try to arrive around midday on the day of,  to have a nice chilled day and evening meal together. 

The final day will be departing the villa in the morning around 11am. You will be dropped off at Malaga airport or malaga centre if you decided to have a longer trip.

What’s the refund policy?

No refunds once you have paid as arrangements and possibly some activities will have been organised before hand. 

You can transfer to another date though no problem.

Anything else...?

All guests must provide us with BEFORE ARRIVAL:

a) One paper copy of passport. 

  • Emergency contact with name, complete international telephone number, email.


    1. Any food allergies to be announced at least two weeks before arrival. 
    2. Medical or health issues we need to be aware of. This is REALLY IMPORTANT!!! 


  • Copy of travel insurance. Again, all guests to carry another copy of your own with you at all times.



Comfortable hiking shoes or trainers.

Shoes you don’t mind getting wet

beach towel

sun cream

mostly sports gear for the mountains

jacket/jumper for the evening as it can get a little chilly up in the mountains at night.

Waterproof bag for phone etc.



Any other questions you can contact me at

Fuck it, i'm in!!

Give yourself a different perspective from a totally different environment.

Change your environment to remove you from your everyday reality for a while so you can gain real perspective from a disconnected  point of view with no external interruption. Contrast gives great clarity, hense removing all you daily familiarities.

When you can detach and disconnect from the outside it’s INEVITABLE that shit will surface for you. It’s just how it fucking works, an inevitable outcome, given the right environment and tools. You’re human and that’s just how it works. We’re too busy mentally masturbating about every little thing that it can sometimes feel difficult to do that without some real disconnection. 

Invest some REAL time and energy in yourself and discover, let the fuck go, chill out, have some fun, see what shows up for you which will always be what you need and not necessarily what you want.

Come and have an experience you will never forget and most important, make it fucking fun.

Just fill out your details below and i’ll be right back to ya to set up a video call together.

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