The weekend warrior


‘breaking your upper limits to fast track insight and clarity.’

Getting to one of those upper limits points and need something to test you, challenge you and help you to step the fuck up? 


Of course you do, it’s always going to happen.


Isn’t it so fucking frustrating that there’s nobody in your way. There’s no road block, no person or thing physically stopping you from realising how much MORE you have to offer. No matter what point you’re at with life/work/business, relationships etc etc.

There’s always so much more to find out about yourself and fully express that shit.

You’re keeping yourself tucked away and hiding, only ever scratching your own surface. The crazy part is, you know this already, you always know. You know there’s way more in there to tap into and let the fuck out.

You want to expand and grow even more as a person right? To live out a more expansive and meaningful life?

Of course you fucking do! Not just in one area of life but ALL areas.

Your’e a creator. You know having it all is possible… it’s just not fucking there yet for you… and it’s frustrating AF!

When you grow and change in one area of life EVERYTHING else changes too. Inevitable outcome. It can’t NOT happen, it’s a ripple effect. It will spread into every fucking area automatically as long as you’re resilient in taking action.

Guarantee you’re buying into some bullshit story, you fall into complacency and too comfortable to move your ass to put yourself in front of the things that challenge you most, that you’re afraid of most. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to point out your blind spots and bring that shit to the surface into conscious thought.

This will happen over and over again, no matter what ‘level’ you get to. There’s always growth going on, YOU blocking it is the problem. Yep, YOU, it’s always you right? You know that, of course you do.

What if you could have the inspiration, clarity and insight now?

So this it what we have, we show you the shit you can’t see, that’s always your problem. We get that out in the open and hold it up to your face and say ‘there you go that’s what you need to sort yourself the fuck out so let’s get on with it’ instead of sitting around journalling, meditating and talking about it shall we? that is of course useful but let’s unpack everything and put it all back together and some clarity in what direction you’re going in.

That’s where you WILL need to grab hold of those courage balls to go beyond what you’ve previously thought to be a limit, your edge, physically mentally, emotionally.

Exposing more uncomfortable shit for you to lean into, not force your way into.

You do this and search out those challenges and opportunities, don’t wait for them to turn up, go and hunt those fuckers down.

You’re not like others though.

You WANT to go balls deep, straight to the very core of yourself. You don’t WANT to play that surface level bullshit, it gets tiring and frustrating. You WANT to jump down the rabbit hole without having a clue what’s down there because you know that’s what you have to do and be ok with not knowing.

That’s where the creativity and the clarity  lie. That’s where your actions to take get revealed clearly.

Here’s the catch, YOU have to make yourself do it, which is often the most difficult part. Enter insecurities, self doubt, fears, vulnerabilities. So what? Everybody has that, you have to expose yourself to that shit and drop the guard if you wanna grow, move forward and create.

Taking actions that bring all of those parts you’re protecting to the surface so you can strip back that very bullshit and see how you actually ‘do life’ when your process is reflected back at you during ‘The Weekend Warrior’.

Your vulnerabilities, fears and bullshit stories will come to the surface for you to see and work through RIGHT THERE so we guide you through them. ‘We got you bro!’ instead of mentally masturbating and driving yourself insane becoming complacent and feeling ‘stuck’.

But we also make it fun, it’s not some hardcore shouty shit, far from it. Yes it will be partly physical challenge which will trigger your mental shit and bring your ‘i’m holding back’ stories to the surface, easy peasy, that is the easy bit. Then you have to actually get real fucking honest and do something about it.

Because you have a story, yes, like very other fucker on earth you have a story that you also make up your identity out of.

NEWS FLASH, That’s all bullshiiiiiiiiiiiit

But, but Craig…. Ruth ………… It’s different for me, (us giving the eye roll).

The problem you have that we will help you to solve is getting you past the bullshit you are believing right now that is preventing you creating the badass motherfucking vision in your soul. If you haven’t already realised what that is in this moment we get you creative and inspired to connect to one. Or if you having and it’s just not happening for you right now, we help you make it fucking happen. YOUR WAY, NOT our way.

We get YOU to solve it for you because we’re not here to wipe your arse and pat you on your cute hiney and tell you what an amazing boy or girl you are.

It’s there, we see the same shit happen time and time again. There is quite an obvious pattern to see in EVERY person that does this. This is why know the process we take you on works.

Take you out of your environment, your reality bubble, drop you into an immersion for a few days with as little distraction as possible and challenge you by putting you in situations where you will have the metaphorical mirror put up to your face and you are shown exactly what your doubts, fears, stories, beliefs that are keeping you hiding and holding back.

We just want to get to the point and give you the very best experience, insight and results in the time we have together. Plus we’ll have some big hugs too coz we’re good like that. I give the best hugs in Malaga, just sayin,

That’s really important to us that you squeeze the most of this experience and we’re here to make sure that happens for you.

That’s why we take care of EVERYTHING. All you have to do is turn up at the airport and we’ve got you covered for everything else so you can start chilling the fuck out straight away, it’s kinda like step one, to ground your ass.

So get your ass on this, get in touch and we will discuss your next experience on the weekend warrior.



Our job simply is to provide the challenging, fun, adventurous environment for you, safety and trust which is what you need to allow the guards to come down and also what we’re pretty fucking good at.

Not just kicking names and taking ass ………. no wait…….. that can’t be right.

We created this experience by ‘accident’, we were just ‘doing our thing’ with some entrepreneurial/creative types that were feeling stuck moving forward with their business, which wasn’t true, they were stuck in their own bullshit self chat, doubt, fear, not expressing who the fuck they were FULLY.

Spent a few days in the mountains them, challenged them physically (nothing too crazy don’t worry you don’t have to be fit as fuck for this, just getting your ass moving) and mentally, which WILL bring your shit to the surface, it’s an inevitable outcome. But also lots of time and space for your own reflection and introspection.

Remember, no ass wiping, but plenty of big hugs.

Then we get to figure out YOUR way of processing as this is different for everyone as although at the human level all our deeper shit is pretty much the same.

The self doubt, the fears of rejection, vulnerability, failure, looking stupid, not being good enough, abandonment, not fitting in, what people will think and say, the insecurities, down to the real deep shit of shame and guilt.

You got some of that shit in you, just because you’re human but you also will have a process that is individual to YOU and not just to be fucking told what to do but to have the mirror held up to you and say there you go, you see what you’re doing? There’s your shit that’s blocking you, now let’s move through it.

Why should you give a fuck about any of that eh ?


Well let me tell you what we’ve found and the reason we created the Weekend Warrior for you.

Well, let’s have a look at how that’s playing out in your life shall we for a second. 

What happens when you have the same old stories playing over and over again. playing out the same behaviours?

You get the same results over and over again. DiffThat feeling of being stuck. lost and frustrated that leads to comfort and complacency and feeling like you don’t know what the fuck to do. The shit that kills your personal growth, development, creative expression. Also referred to as resistance. But i like the term bullshit, because none of it is true. You just believe it’s true, which doesn’t make it so ….. does it now. But that mind of yours is a powerful little fucker. We all go through it.

Let’s throw a few cliches in the mix too for good measure. Like ‘you are your only limit’ ‘get out of your own way’ ‘stop being a silly little human fuck face’ (that ones mine fyi) a cliche is a cliche because they are often true, but they get over used in some bullshit motivational context, like in one of those stupid ass ‘positive’ memes, yeah…. thanks for that, how the fuck does that help me though?

It doesn’t help because it’s not about reading a feel good meme or a positive quote, or reading the book, having the knowledge, people saying yeah yeah i know what to do, THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL FUCKING AROUND. Struggling with the same shit? Looping the same bullshit over and over, it’s just another of the minds sneaky little diversion tactics. That bastard lol.

Instantly wanting to move to what feels good instead of dealing with and getting to the rROOT of your problem and past the surface level wankiness.

Because if you were really doing the work it wouldn’t always feel that great and you’d likely want to be sick when your shit surfaces. So you create these nice pretty stories to keep you safe and comfortable, away from any discomfort and pain that is actually the very thing you are avoiding and the very thing you need to pass through to grow.

Avoiding that for too long is WAY fucking worse than SHORT TERM discomfort. You just need to show the fuck up with your courage balls hanging out and face that shit and when you realise and see how silly it was in the first place, we’ll have a good fucking laugh about how ‘that thing’ you were holding so tightly to, is way better out than in.





So what are you going to get from this and what’s in it for you?


You just want to fully express, be understood and heard right? 

That’s more of a rhetorical question really.

You know this deep down. (If not, you do now).

But you have a few silly human things getting in the way.

Fear of vulnerability, looking stupid, failure, not good enough, exposing yourself, rejection, fitting into your tribe/social circles, insecurities, etc. 

Causes lack of clarity, direction, vision, your purposeful and meaningful work, taking action.

Now, i’m not really a big fan of the term ‘tell people want they want and give them what they need’.

I prefer just fucking tell people what they need and, you know, just give you that right, makes more sense to me.

Or even better, SHOW you what you need. Coz who the fuck wants to always be told what to do. Nope, fuck that shit.

But you know that you want some help solving something, but I’m guessing you’re not sure what that is otherwise you wouldn’t be here, or you think you have an idea what you need but likely its not the thing either. Or you’ve seen something that resonates with you and you want a taste and come and tap into that warrior part of you, that primal part that is hiding away, saying ‘let me the fuck out’ 

Because there is no one thing and you can’t see what you need because it’s a stupid ass blind spot. Bullshit that you can’t see past and it’s all so fucking frustrating right? 

You might have all the information, you might even think you know what to do, but that isn’t enough is it now?

What you NEED is someone to help you shine a light on your shit that you trust. To help you strip away those layers of bullshit so you can go and fuck shit up, stop holding back and show the fuck up for YOURSELF even more. To LEAD yourself first and hold yourself to a higher standard so your people can see your example, coz you’re a show-er not a tell-er right. 

Purge those stories you keep telling yourself, clearing the decks of emotional baggage that you carry around. If you’re a human being, which i’m going to take a wild fucking stab in the dark and assume that you are, it’s there and you need to purge it to help you move forward. Simples, but not easy, again otherwise you’d be doing it right now wouldn’t you instead of doing whatever shit you’ve been doing that isn’t working for you anymore. 

Everyone gets to a point of next level growth, some never realise it, some do and do nothing about it. Leaders go and search that shit out because you understand the key is to lead yourself first, invest in yourself and seek out the challenges that bring the most growth. The direct route.

Why Naked – Mountain – Man?

There are 3 parts to bringing out that extra stripped back version of you.

The first part is the ‘naked’ part, the stripping back, going straight through the surface bullshit and exposing it, the shit that you’re currently just looping around and playing it out in your life. Let’s get straight to the fucking core shall we. 

Then part 2 is the process (The mountain-the challenge)  you deal with that shit, you process it, you action it, you integrate it by moving through it, you do the uncomfortable, challenging shit that people will do almost anything to divert from, because you’re a fucking leader. 

People forget that part because you have this thing as a human, that having the information means you’ve changed, that’s delusional wanky bullshit.

And guess what, you don’t get rid of these human fears, you just acknowledge them, recognise them as ‘your bullshit’, accept them and get better at responding differently to them, you act in the face of them and detach from them as being who you are. Coz they fucking aren’t are they. 

I see it as I’m talking to the part of you that’s behind the walls, barriers, the surface level bullshit that’s been there to keep you safe, don’t get me wrong, it’s been doing a job for you, it’s had a purpose, remember basic human needs, SAFETY, however that looks, that’s what you’re mind is doing, it’s not purposely trying to fuck you over, that shit is in place to keep you safe, but you don’t need it anymore. 

So i’m talking to and helping you to bring out more of YOU what’s underneath all that shit.

Because that shit is NOT really who you are is it and you fucking know it. You just need some help working that shit out, we all do. 

It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, that you’re bat shit crazy or fucked up. (Maybe a little). Just accept the FACT that you’ve got some work to do , there is always work to do. People are just so used to comfort, complacency and feeling fucking good as a goal that anything that makes your mind tell you, FUCK THAT SHIT, we are not doing that. But that’s EXACTLY what you need to do my friend.

As well as the human side you have the identity to explore, you know, letting go of shit that isn’t actually you and was never you in the first place, but again it served a purpose, it helped you get to this point.

But you want to go further don’t you. (another rhetorical question)

You want more and you’re tired and frustrated with fucking around with flakey shit.

This is the inside job amigo.

You need some kind of external pressure, some kind of challenge/catalyst so you can practice using your courage balls which is where you’ll get your dialled up confidence from, mental toughness, resilience and how you turn the fucking dial up of your self expression, also you will inevitably give a lot less fucks about a whole lot of shit you concern yourself way too much with.

You have to figure out your own process, its not a, hey this is THE way you need operate and process, that’s part of your unique individual expression. 

I’m gonna keep this simple and straight to the point which is a BIG REASON WHY i trust Craig with my coaching. He tells you straight, no messing about, gets you where you want to be faster and with such care and attention. You feel supported and pushed at the same time.

The Weekend Warrior Immersion has evolved my development faster than weekly coaching ever could. The mix of insights from his teaching and discovery of my own BS is Craig’s strength. He digs it out, shines a light on it and then gets it fixed FAST.

His leadership skills are invaluable when times get tough. He is a no-nonsense kinda guy that will give you a hug at the end of an incredibly stressful time.

Leadership and empathy aren’t common in people but Craig has both of these things.

Proud to call him my mentor and friend. Carolynne Alexander

The CEO Whisperer.

What happens when you do all this and why the fuck would you want to bother?


This is what i like to call ‘The Inevitable outcome’


Well this is the 3rd part and the best thing about this is that YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING. 


This is what i like to call, the inevitable outcome.

That repeating stage 1 and 2 over and over as we strip away, it’s INEVITABLE that this is going to happen, it’s near on impossible, as long as YOU continue to do the work and implement it, IT’S GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN, it’s a byproduct of Stripping away and implementing this shit into your life. It can’t NOT happen. 

It’s just how this shit works, most people waste so much time and energy on wanting to understand every fucking thing about ‘the how’ ‘the process’.

Once you make the DECISION, then that IS the god damn process.

The only things you need concern yourself with is stripping and implementing, the rest……….


Hence, ‘The Inevitable Outcome’, so let’s not make this more difficult and more complicated as it needs to be, ok pumpkin.



If you manage to read all through my waffling bullshit to this point.

Let’s get you booked on by clicking one of the little red buttons that probably has the word fuck on it. ‘The fuck you, pay me button lol.

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How’s that sound. (yep, rhetorical question again, coz it sounds awesome right).

How does it work and what’s the investment?

The investment is £3,500.

All you have to do is get your ass to Malaga airport.

You will be picked up, taken to your sexy mountain  accommodation., fed and watered. I’ll sort the adventure experiences for us to do.

You just book flight and turn up. Simples.



What about booking dates ?
When we have our call we will sort dates, as long as they do not coincide with our retreats dates are pretty flexible.
What about food?
All your food will be taken care of. We will eat out mostly. Any dietary requirements we will take note of for choosing where to eat. All food is included for you too.
What do i need to bring?
A carry on luggage will be fine. Dependent on weather and activities we will give you a list of things recommended to bring with you.
What airport do i need to fly to?
Malaga airport and we will pick you up, drop you off.
How fit do i need to be?
Not super fit but you can climb up a hill without dying. You are supposed to go beyond your edge and you will.

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