4 weeks starting Tuesday 4th May of getting to the core roots of your Masculine wounds and change the way you approach relating (in all areas of your life) Starting with yourself.


WHY raw ?

You’re probably fucking tired of your same old patterns playing out in relating, not only relationships,  that’s where our shit shows up the most. But in life in General.

Or trying to relate more, have more depth of intimacy and connection to the man you’re currently with.

Or just fucking given up all together……. coz fuck it, I’m independant as fuck.

There’s too many bullshit rules, conditions hoops to jump through, red flags, green flags, black flags, blue flags, it’s fucking boring and being honest……. horse shit. Waste of time and energy. (for this purpose)

There are no hoops to jump through. There are no dumbass rules. There is no trying or finding.

Part of your allure is your feminine magnetism. (depending what that actually means to you)

You draw in, you attract, you fucking radiate that shit, but not unless you deal with those pesky little protective masculine wounds of yours. THE CORE ONES.

Otherwise, you’ll just attract the exact fucking same as you have been, because it’s your patterns and models of the masculine (and feminine) IN YOU.

The first man every little girl loves is her father. He is her WHOLE model of men, masculinity, standard for relationships.and shaping expectations of what it is like to get close to a man later as a woman.

Also shapes her own expression of masculine energy/behaviour and how you operate in the world.

There is fuck all wrong with a woman being in her Masculine, it’s what flavour of Masculine that matters.… and of course having balance and range with your Feminine too.

stop trying to be like men and competing. 

And do you actually have a healthy expression of your feminine? Or is your wounded masculine actually protecting her from pain because you don’t trust or feel safe. (Hint hint)

And soooo many women have embeded undealt with core masculine wounding and have likely been operating in it for so long it’s just now ‘normal’, it’s who you are …….sure.

We all have Masculine and Feminine Energies in us that we behave from and attract from, doesn’t mean they are healthy models though does it.

That’s like saying we were passed down the perfect blueprint for realting and how to go and live our life  …ha ha good one right.

The protective armour due to lack of trust and safety, these being absolute non…fucking… negotiable foundations, forget the surface level shit for now, straight to the core and work our way up.

Protective of your heart because that  is what experienece has taught you to do, knowingly or unknowingly, so you’ve learnt to be on guard and armour up….

So ……….this is really fuck all to do with relationships apart from …..wait for the cliche drop………….the one with yourself. Your core experiences of Masculine IS YOUR FUCKING MASCULINE, you’re just dumping that out into the world and pressing repeat, while also holding yourself back and keeping your wildwoman in a cage.

Frustrating isn’t it. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Maybe makes you a little angry, resentful, but you can’t show anger, that’s not allowed for women is it…… lolz.

So let’s just skip the surface level bullshit and constant mental masturbation and overthinking, the confusion, the frustration, life is far too short for that crap.

And let’s work from the bottom up, go straight from the bottom up, to the roots and sweep away the old shitty structures and models and lay new healthy as fuck foundations.

Purge out what is no longer working for you and reintregrate some new sexy ass shit.

I see it time and time again, change the inner foundations of what you have built your current  structure on and see what changes in your outer world.


The body does not lie, energy does not lie….. FACT. And you will keep spinning around in loops overthinking the same shit over and over.

Because you’re looking in the wrong place.

You have a masculine in you that when you address the core wounds of it, you will automatically recognise the healthy/unhealthy in others because you’ve done that within yourself FIRST.

Look… soooo many men don’t even understand men so stop trying to figure them out and focus on your own shit.

Sound good? Thought so.

Oh and let’s have some fun shall we, this shit doesn’t have to be serious so let’s chill the fuck out. 

Ready to play?

This is what Raw is about.

Getting straight to the raw core shit and skip the fluffy, puffy crap.

you are wild, so be fucking wild and stop pretending.

Stop trying to be the fucking ‘cool girl’, that is like the equivelant of the male ‘nice guy’, how do you feel about nice guys? I thought so……so stop.

Just like men have skipped and missed out on crutial developmental stages/steps, so have you, they just differ between boys and girls because shock horror, we are different.

This isn’t ony related to a select few, it’s universal, these are all universal core wounds, hense starting at the roots of it all first.

just with a different story laid over the top. 

And we’re all walking around oblivious to these innately universal core woundings from unmet needs and unintegrated healthy expressions of both what is Masculine and what is Feminine.

You were taught to be nice, polite, people please, dont have boundaries, meet everyone elses needs before your own, don’t show anger, don’t be overly emotional, basically you have….we all have ….learnt to be repressed. And i don’t care how ‘wild’ you think you are…...this isn’t that kind of wild…….i’m not talking girls gone wild in fucking Cancun.

But some of the most real, raw, authentic, attractive parts of you are in the repressed ‘wildwoman’/your repressed shadow side, your dark side.

You’ve probably already done work on yourself, the courses, the books, you do the things but not feeling those shifts you’re looking for.  …….. fuuuuuuuuck, the amount of times i hear …..’i know that’ , cool but have you actually integrated it or is it just ego knowledge swimming around in your head taking up space?

So who cares what you know if you don’t practice and integrate it.

It’s kind of irrelevant.

You’re just spinning in the same old patterns and loops, more overthinking, more frustration. 

So let’s change the fucking script shall we?

Good good, glad to hear it.

Holly Testimonial

What to expect ?

A brief layout of what will be diving into each week.


Week one – Understanding the masculine, the core of it all.

Going into the earliest Feminine development stages from the masculine perspective to understand at depth what was missing and how that plays out in ALL your relationships, not just romantic ones.  It is your whole subconscious model of men/masculine.

A follow the breadcrumbs type introspection of your whole masculine experience. 


Week two – ‘Don’t be a bitch.’

Dumb ass societal conditioning for women, people pleasing tendencies, use your fucking voice, Stop talking to yourself like an asshole, lack of healthy boundaries, let the good girl go, repressed anger, what the fuck are your needs, self support practices and integration.


Week three – Wildwoman.

Your Wildwoman – LET…HER…. THE… FUCK…. OUT.

It’s not what you think it is.

Like i said earlier, it’s not girls gone ‘wild’ in Cancun.

Authentic self, the keys are in your nervous system/the body never lies, bring the choas, Integrating the shadow.


Week four – Relating.

Integrating new Relationship patterns…..behaviour patterns…follow the fucking breadcrumbs, bringing the last 3 weeks together. open forum/live group Q&A session. What next?






ebonie Testimonial 

What can i expect to see after?

  • watch how you start attracting different shit, how you relate to everything, especially men (or women) everything is about relating, inside first, then outside.
  • A clearer understanding of your own inner masculine and the patterns that it creates in all areas of your life.
  • Dropping your heart guards and masculine mode (unhealthy parts) and being more open to magnetising more aligned opportunities.
  • Being more of that untamed, wild part that has been repressed for too long.
  • Having your fucking vitality back.
  • Stronger and clearer boundaries with ease.
  • Less people pleasing ‘good girl’ tendencies and self abandonment behaviour.
  • Even deeper connection and intimacy, with self first then others.
  • Highly likely, better fucking sex and letting go of your energetic ‘cock blockers’ in the other areas of your life. 

Who the fuck am i?

Ahhhhhh that’s kind of you to ask.

Good question, thanks for asking.

I spent my formative years as a Chef and Leader in the Royal Navy….. and yes, i do swear like a Sailor. After leaving i felt a lack of self worth, lack of purpose, emotionally disconnected, feeling complacent, unfulfilled with life.

My work/business suffered, my relationships, i was felt miserable and depressed, like my fire had gone out and i’d lost my spark/life force.

I went on a journey to reconnect to my raw and wild parts that i shoved away in shame,  reconnected to purpose and discovered what it was to feel like a healthy expression of masculinity and to live on purpose and releasing my true potential.

I am fascinated in the study of what makes us tick, especially as men, what makes us feel most alive, why we do what we do.

I believe life is about experience, adventures and play, even in the difficult times.

And my philosophy is ……’but did you die though’….meaning if you didn’t die and you’re still breathing, you’re doing alright, act accordingly and do your fucking work.


I didn’t expect it to go deeeeeep, but it has, four years of sessions with a top consultant Psychologist might have got me through my divorce and deppression but when i reached for the anti-anxiety meds in desperation at the same old shit, something had to change. 3 months working with Craig and i’m looking at the world with whole new eyes… no med, speaking up for myself and seeing shifts in my relationship dynamics that i’d given up on trying to change – parents, kids, the ex, my job. This has helped me free up time and energy to enjoy this precious life more and see it’s potential. Marisa Nevil


I’m going to keep this simple and to the point which is a big reason why i trust Craig with my coaching. He tells you straight, no messing about but with such care and attention, you feel supported and pushed at the same time. The mix of insights from his teaching and discovering my BS is Craig’s strength. He digs it out, shines a light on it and helps you to fix it fast. I trust him with my life..and have done, his leadership skills are invaluable when times are tough. he is a no nonsense kinda guy that will give you a hug at the end of an incredibaly stressful time. Leadership AND Empathy are not common in people but Craig has both. Proud to call him my mentor. Carolyne Alexander


What happens after i join?

You’ll be added to a private facebook group where all details  and call links will be posted.

What's included exactly?

4 Weekly group calls via zoom on a particular topic. (2-3 hours) Then a private facebook group with live QandA’s, connect with the other women in the group, share and encourage each other. You will have some self work set each week …….’ This is not a sit and write notes programme, this is a show up participate, practice and integrate. I’ll be on hand for anything you need. Just ask. 

Will the calls be recorded ?

Yes they will……. i understand life can get in the way so you’ll be able to access recordings no problem. However do your best to make the live zooms, facebook group stuff you can catch in your own time. 

When are the calls ?

Zoom calls areTuesday evenings 7pm GMT starting from 4th May. 

Group lives, feedback, questions will all be in the private facebook group between calls for integration and support. No need to attend live for these although it would be helpful for you. I will notify when i will go live in the group.

refund policy?

All programmes, mentoring, immersions are non refundable. 

This may have been one of the most profound discussions i’ve ever been a part of. Safety and trust have been a very large part of my growth journey, i’m so glad i went ahead and signed up. 

Holly Rebecca


Craig was amazing to guide me back to myself and helped me see my fixing tendencies were me being disconnected and abandoning myself, focussing on others too much rather than my own needs. He quickly helped me realise my needs are valid and matter and i’m the one who is in control when it comes to what or whom i allow into my life. Thank you Craig for holding that mirror up. 

Timea Bradley

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