Men Need Challenges.

This is just how men grow.

We need challenges.

I’m going to write this from my own experience and observation and see if it resonates with you.

Firstly, the opposite of challenge is complacency, that’s not a great place to be, it’t not a bad place as like everything else in life, we get more clarity when we have contrast or experience the opposite of something.

Like how can you know what hot is if you have never experienced cold?

We need contrast to make sense of shit.

Sometimes i get weird remarks from friends……..  Craig, why do you choose to make some things difficult when you don’t have to? What are you trying to prove?

This was an interesting observation and i asked myself some of those questions.

Am i trying to prove something?

Am i making things hard and difficult when there is no need to?

Should i just chill and not be competitive with myself so much?

Then i came to the conclusion that it is just difference of opinion.

If i don’t have challenges, as in if i don’t go and seek out challenge, i would be a miserable fuck, i would get complacent and feel like i’m losing my edge, that I’ve got to a certain standard and now I’m dropping below that.

I like the mental challenge, it’s actually something that i value the most, for myself, in coaching, in others i spend time with.

Being around people that ‘get it’, it’s not a competitive thing in the sense of false confidence and trying to prove something.

It’s a helpful way for personal growth as well as mental and emotional resilience.

It’s doing the things you don’t HAVE to do but you do them anyway. Because you enjoy the challenge.

It’s like a mental training ground.

It’s practice and preparation that you may not need but you are ready of you need to use it.

Like being strong, training to be stronger so you can be a protector, for yourself, for your family.

You may not need to use that, but you are prepared if you need to.

Better to have to and not need it than to need it and not have it.

It’s also ok to be completive, this seems to be getting demonised in culture nowadays. The ‘everyone get’s a trophy’ attitude is complete bullshit.

Teaching kids that everyone is a winner and it doesn’t matter who won or lost or what the score was, it’s the taking part…….. absolute crap. That’s is one off the dumbest fucking lessons you can teach kids.

Protecting them from the feeling of loss or failure, yeah great fucking idea, that will serve them well when they go out into the real world and they’re fucked because you sold them some magic idea of what he world is like and you FAILED to prepare them for life because you’d rather everyone get a trophy so no one feels bad.

It’s fucking nuts.

This is one of the main reasons why going to seek out challenge is so good for men, mentally and emotionally, of course physically too, but i find that focussing on the mental aspect, the physical is simply an inevitable outcome.

Building up that mental fortitude, going past what you previously believe to be your edge.

This is so fucking important for a number of reasons.

Whenever i go into the mountains with an intension of testing myself and pushing myself further.

The challenge only really starts when you get to the point of wanting to stop, give up, too tired, your mind starts playing tricks on you, telling you that this is your limit.

No mother fucker, that is now the start, every step from then on is new territory, is more growth past what you believed to be your limit.

Then you can take that back and reflect it into every other area of your life and ask ……. where else am i holding back because of where i feel that i am limited.

Fuck those limits, they only exist in our heads.

There is something that feels so satisfying and fulfilling about mentally going beyond what you actually thought you could.

You never actually will know until you do.

So you have to go find out aka go seek out challenge and don’t wait for it to find you and get caught out.

Theres something in that, you going to seek it out, to go and find it, to choose it rather than waiting for something to fall on your lap.

It’s like training and preparing for something to show up for you, but you don’t know what that thing is or when it will show up but when it does you’re ready because you prepared for it, you practiced, you declared yourself ready for whatever shows up for you.

For what you’ve been asking for, working towards.

Men thrive in challenge, it sparks the fire in us, it’s what gives us energy and drive.

The competitiveness can be purely a playful competitiveness, more from being around others that can be at a level to challenge and encourage you.

If you don’t have people around you that challenge you and encourage you then you need some new people. simples

I always find it helpful and a massive contribution to my own growth when i’ve got others around me that inspire me.

Not by telling me, but just simply by them being themselves, SHOWING, setting an example, raising standards etc.

There is something about that that i truly appreciate in someone and actually something i assess in people in wether i want to spend time with them or not.

Everything is relationships, investing your time and energy in relationships so best be fucking sure and certain of who gets your time and energy, because it’s so valuable.

So ………. go and seek challenges, physical, mental, in work, in business, in relationships, your health, whatever.

Make them fun, something you enjoy that has an element of fun makes going through the discomfort, the suck actually enjoyable plus it’s great for when you do come across some unexpected challenges that you’ve trained your mind and have a stronger mental attitude and emotional resilience to tackle them than you would have before, have good people around you that encourage you, push you, challenge you, inspire you by their actions nit just telling you shit, it’s a show thing not a tell thing.

Do more difficult things.