Let’s not make things more difficultly than they need to be.

Wouldn’t that be just swell.

So how can you make things more simple for yourself?

Direct honesty.

Yep that’s it.

But it takes practice, we (humans) like to make things waaaaaaay fucking difficult for ourselves, we  like to go down all the routes and avoid, divert and distract from that straight direct road that goes straight through the bullshit, to the very core and to the very solution of whatever your problem is.

Because at the root is going to mean that there is probably something quite uncomfortable for you to do, express, an action to take. That you don’t really feel like doing, it may require you to be vulnerable and raw, it may mean risking an outcome that you won’t like. It may mean you hurt someones feelings.

I can tell you that if you carry on in the habit of avoiding, distracting, fucking around with that surface game, you will make things worse, it won’t go away.

In fact it will come back stronger than before and you know it. nudge, nudge, nudge, punch to the face.

I’ve had this happen to me and i see it with so many people i work with. 

Hence the direct honesty, taking the direct route, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

That surface game is just those protective layers that are nicely packed in place from years of avoidance and what is behind that is something you are trying to protect, trying to hide.

That you won’t often see or even give a shit about until you hit a crisis point or you get tired of your own bullshit.

Until you’re so frustrated with the same shit occurring on repeat that you get to the ‘fuck that shit’ point.

Because why would you voluntarily choose to feel uncomfortable if you don’t have to?

You probably wouldn’t right.

Unless you’re a psycho that goes to hunt that shit down before it finds you, which it will.

Especially if you are a creator, a leader, have something to offer and understand how important your own personal growth is in whatever it is that you do.   

Resistance, holding back, hiding, not fully owning who you are. It’s not the easiest of games to play but it is quite simple.

The more you can go out there and expose yourself, find challenges that will bring those parts of yourself to the surface, the better a position you put yourself in.

Makes sense right, seek it before it finds you, go to where you think your edges are to find out there is no edge, just a story that keeps you held back.

Just a fucking story.

But an emotionally charged one, which is why you will drive yourself crazy with it until you do something about it, until you go head on into it regardless of wether you feel like it or not, want to or not, it feels uncomfortable or not.

You are going to need the courage to do it anyway. That’s the bottom line.

That’s the power of the direct route, straight through the middle. Courage.

The thing is that you have that in spades already but you just may not have practiced it so much,

You just may not realise how much of it you actually have until you just fucking do the thing anyway.

Like anything else it’s just practice my friend.

Each time that you do this you change your story, you make better choices, you behave differently, you think differently, you react differently, you get different results.

Now this is all good right and maybe you know this already. But unless you are seeing consistent change, different results, all you’re doing is being an information hoe.

just because you know doesn’t mean shits gonna happen, you actually have to do something with it instead of mentally masturbating over it.

So instead of just wanting to feel good, accept the fact that you’re gonna have to get your hands dirty and take some action, get uncomfortable and change those bullshit stories.