Several years ago I had an unexpected treat at the Isle of Wight festival.
I had taken my then girlfriend for the weekend as a birthday surprise.
Plus I got the benefit too lol.
I was most excited to see the Foo fighters live as I had a bucket list of bands that I wanted to see perform live and of course they were on it.
Foo Fighters
Guns n Roses
The Rolling Stones
Which are now all ticked off ??.
The absolute highlight from all those has to be watching Guns n Roses play November Rain with Slash (my rock idol) doing his magical thing on guitar.
I remember literally watching him for the entire show playing all the classics and going nuts at every song that came next.
But when they played November Rain ?. Out of this world.
Such a stunning song from a band once dubbed ‘the most dangerous band in the world’.
And if you don’t know that song, get the fuck off my FB page ?.
Anyway, I digress.
Back to Isle of Wight and the unexpected treat and probably the second best memory I have from that list of Rock legends.
Before the Foo’s came on to headline there was a guy that was on before that I would say I like some of his music but wouldn’t necessarily purposely go to watch him live on his own.
That’s the great thing about festivals, you get surprised by bands and performers you might not necessarily go to see, you get unexpected surprises and who doesn’t like those right.
You can see their personality and character come out to play rather than just listening on your phone or iPod.
This guy was non other than the godfather of punk.
Iggy Pop.
About 90 years old lol.
Ripped as fuck, no shirt on.
About what looked like 4ft tall and a heavy limp.
All the fucks coming out of his mouth.
And it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.
Not just for the live music performance.
But HIM.
I was rocking out and laughing my ass off at the same time.
He’d stop between songs and have some conversation.
He pointed to the back, side of the stage where the VIP, celebs could watch from.
He pointed and said how much he fucking hated VIPS.
Then he went over to them, dragged them to the front of the stage unwillingly and made them dance in front of the crowd while he did his thing.
It was fucking awesome, an absolute legend.
The awkwardness of the ‘VIPS’ front and centre being made to dance by this little old man saying ‘I fucking hate VIPS’.
The best part was that one of those VIPS was the one only Dave Grohl himself.
Dragged on stage, by Iggy Pop and made to dance for the crowd with the rest of the back stage watchers.
The crowd were going nuts.
Dave later said during his own set that he didn’t know what to do apart from clap his hands and do the Ozzy Osbourne head bang.
Of course he looked cool as fuck doing it though, it’s Dave Grohl. ??‍♂️
After Iggy had his fun he told them to get the fuck of his stage and carried on with his show.
An unexpected treat and one of the best and clearest memories I have of watching a live show.
Because the others, although great, were very polished performances, very professional and perfect.
Iggy, well he was disruptive, did what the fuck he wanted, was of course still professional but very unpolished, a little inappropriate and people were going wild, rocking out, laughing, the atmosphere was amazing.
So much fun.
You know what they say, people remember how you made them feel, you remember your most emotionally charged experiences.
So it’s no surprise to me that this is one the most memorable experiences I can remember, everytime I think about it it makes me smile.
For me it’s evidence that people love unpolished, inappropriate yet professional in their craft types.
He was being fully himself, he was the show, he showed people that its perfectly acceptable to that way.
That in fact people crave to experience that.
That will always be one of most memorable but unexpected experiences.
Experiences and how someone makes you feel are what you remember.