Don’t be such an attention seeker.

That’s what you might have been told right?

That to gain attention is a bad thing, that you should feel bad about ‘seeking attention’.

maybe you were loud, outspoken, just being a kid and you get told to ssshhhhhhhhhh, be quiet, you’re too loud, stop looking for attention.

The thing is that when you have something to say that isn’t ‘sheepish’ behaviour (basically something different to ‘the norm’) you are going to get attention just from being fully who you are.

Why? Because people aren’t used to it, people don’t know who they are FULLY, so when you are just BEING yourself fully, you are likely going to raise some eyebrows and out comes the ‘attention seeking’ again, like it’s unacceptable to show yourself fully without any need for outside approval, acceptance, validation.

Who does that? That sounds like a crazy person, you mean that i can be myself FULLY and not give a single fuck if that’s ok with other people? NO WAY, how is that possible, i mean shouldn’t your existence be souly to please others and meet their expectations, to turn yourself down so that you don’t make others feel uncomfortable.

Fuck that shit.

The very thing that holds you back is exactly what you get to do more of, and that is to STOP.

Stop fucking trying so hard, stop pandering to other peoples expectations, stop making yourself feel uncomfortable and suppressing yourself so that others can feel more comfortable about their flakey, insecure selves.

Nothing against other people, It’s just we are talking more about individuality, so we’re not concerned with other peoples shit, just yours for now.

It isn’t that you will be SEEKING attention, you will just automatically become more magnetic to some people and you will filter out others who are just not your people.

People will ALWAYS pass judgement, it’s kinda just the human thing right.

You refuse to sit on the fence and be a people pleasing little hoe. Because you don’t need the approval or the acceptance, as you have certainty in who you are which makes people feel uncomfortable.

If you are outspoken, lively, energetic, have something to offer, gifts to share, you will have to get over the fact that people won’t like you when you truly are being fully you, it’s likely you’re not even sure who that is. It’s more of feeling right, a feeling of something trying to come out of you but over and over again you pass it through filters and what comes out is a wanky version of yourself, NOT a fully expressed individual.

That is what sucks balls, that you know you are not letting that shit out, you aren’t letting that shit shine because you have learnt that it’s not ok to do that.

That you stifle yourself, your real thoughts and feelings incase it is deemed not acceptable or inappropriate to others.

There is nothing more uncomfortable for someone than another person being themselves FULLY and mirroring that discomfort back to them. You will provoke the fuck out of people just for existing. 

It is your responsibility to not to give a fuck about this, to be SO CERTAIN in yourself that you actually genuinely do not give a shit. Not the fake ‘i don’t give a fuck’ bullshit that you see, 

Have the courage to be seen and heard, to attract attention just for being you, people will be drawn to you simply because people are pretty shit at this, but that’s where you come in to disrupt the status quo, fuck shit up and help those who want to be free from concern and just simply show the fuck up fully for themselves and lead their own life without stifling and filtering themselves just to please others.