Dark Knights

6 weeks integrating men back to their masculine core through the skipped developmental processes that most men in modern society have missed out on.

What i would call core issues and challenges men face in the world today.



Because the ‘white knight’ in shiny armour is a bullshit construct sold to men by Disney and Hollywood rom-coms. It’s the ‘nice guy’ and societally approved construct of what a man is.

Every man at his core is masculine, and every man has a dark side, his most primal and most powerful side, his wildman. His shadow, like Dr Jekyll has his Hyde.

But most men don’t know what the fuck to do with it, so they supress it and keep it under lock and key and it’s destroying men.

So many men have missed out on role models of healthy masculinity, you can only integrate what you’ve experienced and it’s time to experience something new. 

Lack of Masculinity and grounded masculine presence is one of the real issues we face in the world today, for both men and women. 

A harmless (nice) man is not a good man, a good man is a very dangerous man who has it under voluntary control.

Men who face and embrace their ‘dark side’ so to speak are the men who experience more authentic fulfillment, deeper intimacy and connection, because they integrate their primal wildman back into their life and stop supressing and numbing themselves

This is mans deepest and most pòwerful part of himself.

It is also the part that is wrapped in shame, anger, resentment, pain.

the way back IS the way through, if anyone tells you any different…….they are full of shit.

Not that this is a main reason for integrating healthy masculine, (it’s a natural byproduct) but you would be shocked at how many women out there are  looking for a healthy version of a masculine man. 

They’ve had enough of the same old masculine experiences, they are doing their work to attract a different type of man, I know because I help them do it. 

And honestly you don’t have to do much to stand out of the crowd, The bar is not set very high. 

Courage and Strength are such admiralable qualities in men because thats exactly what it takes to do your ‘mens work’. I consider this a responsibility of every man to become better men, simply because we can, and that we have so much more to offer to world.

The keys lie in your darker parts.

If you want to find your masculinity you have to find your body as that’s where it is, not in your fucking head.


Modern men have abandoned who they are!

Life’s not shit is it, can’t complain. You have work, maybe your own business, a leader, wether that’s in a business sense, your family unit or just you, if you can’t lead yourself you can’t lead others. There is such a need for healthy masculine leadership examplers. 

But that isn’t all that life has to offer for men, c’mon ….. you know as well as i do that there is something deep in your balls you maybe can’t quite put your finger on. Something that’s missing. But you should be grateful for what you’ve got right……

Get the fuck on with it, man up, don’t complain, don’t be a pussy etc etc. This is what we learn as men. 

But where the fuck has your spark gone?

Where the fuck is your fire?

What happened to it?

what are you building? 

what’s your fucking mission? 

It got pissed on and now it’s a flickering ember. Or maybe you’ve never even felt your own fire.

But you know something doesn’t quite add up.

You’ve done all the things you’re supposed to have done, but there is always more to do.

So what the fuck is it?

You didn’t look inside, or you did and you didn’t like it so you don’t go there do you.

If you want more depth you have to go deeper, there is no fancy way of putting that, well there probably is but you won’t find it here.

Radical self honesty is what you’re here for and to go beyond the surface level bullshit of your ego. You know, the part you’re comfortable with showing the world.

And getting the fuck out of your head. 

You and i both know there is way fucking more to you. Way more to let out.

It takes courage, strength and vulnerability to walk into the dark cave that resides in all men.

And it can be difficult to do that alone……i’ve tried. Men need oither men, we need brotherhood that is outside of your family, group of friends, environment, from familiarity and your every day normailty.

We need places to go to understand that underneath all the surface level bullshit, we all have the same shit going on, just different flavours.

To be seen, heard, accepted and respected as men, your darkness included.

To slay your dragons and bring the repressed, hidden, unconsious parts of yourself to the surface to re-integrate. (i don’t mean fight) but accept the parts of yourself  that have been repressed, hidden.

These are the very best and most fun parts of your personailty. FACT.

Imagine if you showed up in the world as an even more fully integrated man.

Leading, being grounded and present, open hearted, strong, more expressive, your energy would be way more fucking attractive, which will floor out into every single area of your life, it can’t not. 

and you will have no problem with women, they can recognise that shit without you even opening your mouth, they’ve had so much experience of what we’ll call unhealthy, wounded masculine that you’ll blow their fucking mind when you show up as a more fully integrated man. 

Instead of keeping parts held back, not wanting to be seen, hiding in shame and repressed. 

How the fuck do you think that would change your life? Your relationships, sex, work, health, how the fuck you treat yourself, what you would change? 






What to expect ?

A brief layout of what will be diving into each week.

Week one – the purge

Radical self honesty, making space both mentally and emotional to allow clarity and direction. What are you building in your world? But first…what are letting go of?

This is clearing the decks so to speak, debunking old shitty paradigms for men and clearing the way for something new. 


Week two – foundations, structure and grounding.

This is why we purge on week one, you can’t build strong structure on shitty foundations, this is where we start to create more order, practices, standards, creating new behavours to replace old undesirabe habits. We look into each area of your life and expose where there is weakness in the structure and start to integrate core masculine traits.


Week three – the father – The masculine (opening the heart) stage one – all spine no heart, the bravado masculine.

The father wound, absent father (physically or emotionally) your first and primary core exampler of the masculine/masculinity, this is your core wounding that plays a key role in who you are as a man today.

You take these traits on before you are even 7 years old and they play out in all areas of your life. We go straight to the core of your inner masculine.

Week four – the mother – the feminine (Strengthening the spine) stage two masculine – all heart and no backbone. 

How you relate to the feminine, women, partners, sex, your ‘nice guy’ tendencies, critisism, realtionship patterns, not expressing your needs, people pleasing tendencies.

We’re going all in on women, your hidden attachments to the feminine, the need for separation and being amongst men, seeking approval/validation, abandoning your core masculine to be the ‘nice’ guy. 

week five – the wildman (grab your balls)

we go into your shadow aspects, where you hide, shame, unhealthy behavour  expressions, addictions  and why they happen, leaky energy and authenticity.

This is the most primal aspect to a man, arguably the most poweful, his dark side, also the part that gets shamed the most in society. This is my favourite part of this course because it is the most fun and profound parts of us.

We go into the most common and universal aspects of men’s ‘dark side’ and being them to light for you to re-integrate. 

week six – bringing it all together.

Implementation, key take aways and recap, live Q&A, what’s next?



What can i expect to see after?

  • watch how you start attracting different shit, how you relate to everything, especially women everything is about relating. 
  • A clearer understanding of your own inner masculine and the patterns that it creates in all areas of your life.
  • a deeper understanding of what it means to be an integrated man, strength of your spine, opening your heart. 
  • More connected to both the primal masculine and the divine. 
  • Having your fucking vitality back.
  • No more ‘nice guy’ behaviour, grounded and present in your core masculine. 
  • practices and skills to take away to carry on implementing what you’ve learnt. 
  • Even deeper connection and intimacy, with self first then others.
  • Highly likely, better fucking sex and letting go of your energetic ‘cock blockers’ in the other areas of your life.

  • Able to connect to women on a completely different level, no self abandonment or people pleasing.
  • LEAD, being the fucking leader of your own life first before leading others. She is looking for your leadership, she’s tired of having to fucking lead, she wants a man to lead her. This is your superpower. 

Who the fuck am i?

Good question, thanks for asking.

I spent my formative years as a Chef and Leader in the Royal Navy….. and yes, i do swear like a Sailor. After leaving i felt a lack of self worth, lack of purpose, I didn’t have a clear mission, emotionally disconnected, feeling complacent, unfulfilled with life.

My work/business suffered, my relationships, i was felt miserable and depressed, like my fire had gone out and i’d lost my spark/life force.

I started to reconnect to my raw and wild parts that i shoved away in shame,  reconnected to purpose and discovered what it was to feel like a healthy expression of masculinity again and to live on purpose and releasing my true potential lay in the parts of myself that I was hiding. 

I am fascinated in the study of what makes us tick, especially as men, what makes us feel most alive, why we do what we do.

I believe life is about experience, adventures and play, even in the difficult times.

And my philosophy is ……’but did you die though’….meaning if you didn’t die and you’re still breathing, you’re doing alright, act accordingly.

I am on a mission to help men reintegrate their healthy masculine so they can show up in the world as the much needed healthy expression of what masculinity is and bring it into their own communities, work and relationships. 

I have been really struggling mentally recently, in some dark, heavy places and just ignored thema nd pushed them to the back of my mind, i never thought that would happen to me or bother me. I’m not that person to get down by shit and worry about things, truth is it hammered me. I’d been bottling things up..if i’m honest, for years. Then i just broke down and felt like i was failing, hurtinmg and disappointing my family, and myself. The realisation i needed help before it dragged me and my family down. I know i put a mask on everyday and everytime i leave the house, even with the wife and kids. the mask covered everything up and buried everything i felt deep down inside and i fucking hate it and everyone i tried to talk to just didn’t click or sit right with me. Then i started to listen to what you say and how you say it and just felt like that’s the way i needed to hear things. I’m still getting to grips with bringing myself back to being me. You’ve helped me massively buddy with your no bullshit approach, i really appreciate how you’ve helped me so far, you’ve not only helped me but my family, so thank you from all of us.

Dave Palmer.


Really glad i decided to pull the trigger on mentoring with Craig, I chose to work with him because of his no bullshit approach, i like how he just gets to the point, no dragging out with this one. Was suprising to see how much and how quickly things have happended, our first call resulted in major changes in my life, letting go of stuff i didn’t even realise i had to let go of. Wish i’d done it sooner, but fuck it, i’m here now.


Jack Jacobs


Since working woth Craig my life has changed, Sounds crazy or even unrealistic to hear but through changing things i did in my day to day life has helped me become a better version of myself! With great guidance Craig has kept it simple and helped me appreciate that it is a challenge and to not have expectations without putting in the work. Loving the process and experience, investing in yourself is so important.


Dan Payne


What happens once i commit and invest?

Once you confirm your payment, either in full of £750 or 2 monthly instalments of £400. I will add you to the private facebook group where all communications will take place. There will be an intro video in there for you with further directions. 

What's included exactly?

6 Weekly group calls via zoom on a particular topic. Then a private facebook group with live QandA’s, connect with the other men, share and encourage each other. You will have challenges set each week ……. ‘The masculine grows through challenge.’ This is not a sit and write notes programme, this is a show up participate, practice and integrate. I’ll be on hand for anything you need.

Will the calls be recorded ?

Yes they will…….. although i cannot more strongly advise you to show up live, move whatever you have to move, make it work, no excuses. This is something for you to prioritise for YOU, so show up. I’ve seen so many people make excuses for not showing up live. Time difference, work, pleasure commitments. Put the dates in your dairy and make it work…… No excuses. 

How long are the calls ?

Around 2-3 hours, maybe more,maybe less, but play on the safe side and say 3 hours. 

When are the calls ?

Thursday evenings 7pm GMT. 

Group lives, feedback, questions will all be in the private facebook group between calls for integration and support. No need to attend live for these although it would be helpful for you. I will notify when i will go live in the group. 

I didn’t expect it to go deeeeeep, but it has, four years of sessions with a top consultant Psychologist might have got me through my divorce and deppression but when i reached for the anti-anxiety meds in desperation at the same old shit, something had to change. 3 months working with Craig and i’m looking at the world with whole new eyes… no med, speaking up for myself and seeing shifts in my relationship dynamics that i’d given up on trying to change – parents, kids, the ex, my job. This has helped me free up time and energy to enjoy this precious life more and see it’s potential.


Marisa Nevil


I’m going to keep this simple and to the point which is a big reason why i trust Craig with my coaching. He tells you straight, no messing about but with such care and attention, you feel supported and pushed at the same time. The mix of insights from his teaching and discovering my BS is Craig’s strength. He digs it out, shines a light on it and helps you to fix it fast. I trust him with my life..and have done, his leadership skills are invaluable when times are tough. he is a no nonsense kinda guy that will give you a hug at the end of an incredibaly stressful time. Leadership AND Empathy are not common in people but Craig has both. Proud to call him my mentor.


Carolyne Alexander


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