1:1 Mentoring 


Why would you want to work with me ? 

If you’re easily offended, i would go away now.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a super nice guy.

But i don’t like to fuck around playing on the surface, my role is to HELP YOU bring out MORE of the grounded, certain and fully expressive version of you.

I will be direct and to the point with you, which may provoke a little but it will bring the very best out of you and that’s the goal right. 

I just value and appreciate direct honesty. It’s the direct route to transformation.  

What I’m saying is that you need to be ok with feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable and fucking honest about yourself and i provide the space and the provoking and poking around for you to do just that. Because i know you’re not doing that otherwise you wouldn’t be here. 

I swear a lot, I’m direct, i’ll tell you what you NEED not what you want to hear so you can ‘feel better’ and have some instant gratification, you’ll actually have to do some work but i’ll help you and guide you to make it more simple for you.

Transformation doesn’t always feel good, isn’t that the point, isn’t that why people avoid it? (That’s a rhetorical question).

There are inevitable outcomes that you WILL experience when you decide it’s time for you to stop holding back and hiding behind your stories, excuses and past experiences).

Your shit is not special, but you are unique. 

This is not some thing where i ‘fix you’ because you don’t need fixing, you’re not a broken fucking kitchen appliance, you are a very complex but predictable human being that when you get down to the core, most humans will have the same shit to work through, you just think your shit is different and unique to you, it’s not, you’ve just got YOUR story overlaying and playing out what’s going on under the surface that you can’t see YET. So understand that most humans have the same human shit going on so please don’t fall into that camp of saying ‘you don’t understand, you haven’t lived my life’ bullshit, that’s a victim and avoidance mentality, not who you really are. 

Sorry to break your idea that you’re not special.

However, you do have a very unique individual expression that is different from other people. 

Your individuality, your unique, individual expression which again is overplayed by years of social and societal conditioning of who, how and what you should be, what you should do, how you should show up, meeting other peoples expectations, being a people pleasing little hoe, having weak ass boundaries.

You’ve basically been abandoning yourself and not fully expressing ALL of who you are and you don’t even realise how much. 

Well you are likely here reading this because you’re curious and the other reason is because you feel like you need help with something right?



You (at a deep human level)  just want to express, be understood, be seen and heard for who you are. Simples right. 


But you have a few silly human things getting the way.


Fear of vulnerability, looking stupid, failure, not good enough, exposing yourself, rejection, fitting into a tribe, insecurities, etc etc, blah blah blah. 


Now, i’m not really a big fan of the term ‘tell people want they want and give them what they need’.


I prefer just to tell you what they need and, you know, just give you that right, makes more sense to me. Or more accurately, guide you to your own conclusions because you DO already know this, it’s just hiding behind some confusing surface level bullshit.  


Isn’t that one of the reasons you want coaching/mentoring? Because you know that you need something but I’m guessing you’re not sure what that is otherwise you wouldn’t be here, or even that you do know but you want some help with shining some light on your obstacles. We all need guidance and support, no matter who you are or what level you’re at. 


Because there is no ONE thing, no one thing to fix and that’s it. Not how it works, it’s behind layers of bullshit that you can’t see past and it’s fucking frustrating. Everyone has unexplored darker parts they’ve learnt to hide away in the dark. That’s where your best shit is, your most raw, vulnerable, stripped back, honest expression. 


You might have all the information, you might even think you know what to do, but that isn’t enough is it now. Knowing is a blocker, new experiences and action/honest expression is where you change. 


Guess what? This will happen at every level that you rise through. Every time you reach an upper limit, shed away layers, every day you wake up, it’s more in the subtle tweaks and realisations, the letting go that is most helpful.


What you need is someone to help you shine a light on your shit, to help you strip away those layers of bullshit and get straight to the core, that’s the idea, take the direct route straight to your core so you can go and fuck shit up. 


Purge those stories you keep telling yourself, unpacking and clearing the decks of mental and emotional baggage that you carry around, trust me, if you’re a human being which i’m going to take a wild guess and assume you are, it’s there for you purge it to help you move forward) Simples,.

But not always easy, again otherwise you’d be doing it right now wouldn’t you instead of doing whatever shit you’ve been doing that isn’t working for you anymore. 

Full honest expression of the FULL spectrum of who you really are rather than what you are showing. Not just the parts that are deemed acceptable and appropriate.

Fuck that, your best shit in the more unacceptable, inappropriate, raw, honest, stripped back and vulnerable parts that you (likely unknowingly) have hidden away and present a version of yourself that is what people expect. NOT who you truly are.




I felt stuck, stuck in my life, i had been through a divorce and it wasn’t pretty, it left me feeling inadequate and insecure about myself. 

I had built my life around the emotion of it all and made a safe place for myself in my work. My work became my life and for years i was promised more, i slogged my guts out for something that wasn’t fulfilling to me. I had given everything to my career and at 40 years old i just thought that this is it for me now. 

I thought i had to stay in my job because if i changed to a new job i’ll be so busy i won’t meet anyone, what if i’m too busy? What if i hate it then have to start again? What if, what if, what if? 

Fuuuuuucccckkkkkk, my head was ready to explode and i felt so stuck and frustrated. 

So i reached out to Craig. 

It was not a pussy footing around approach. It was blunt, honest and extremely eye opening. I knew that if i didn’t change and challenge myself, take a leap i would just stay static and nothing would change but only feel worse. I would stunt my own growth and learning. 

So i grew a set of big girl balls (as Craig would say). I took a new challenging job even when i didn’t feel good enough for it, said goodbye to my friends i had made over the last 10 years and left the safe, secure, comfort i had been so accustomed to. 

I said ‘fuck it’ and told myself that i would only regret the things i didn’t do. ‘c’mon girl make the damn decision amd don’t allow fear to hold you back and decide your future. that alone left me feeling more empowered than i had felt in such a long time. 

I took the step up, the challenge and have loved every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been tough learning these new ways of life but it’s been so damn exciting, financially rewarding, travelling the world with my new job, meeting amazing new people and most of all a new learning opportunity appears every day. 

It really changed my mindset working woth Craig. It opened me up to so many new opportunities when i felt ‘stuck’. 

thank you Craig, you helped me change my life and i have never felt more fulfilled and happy. 


Zara Baird

Naked – Mountain – Man

There are 3 parts to bringing out that more inappropriate, raw, stripped back version of you.

The first phase is the ‘naked’ part, the stripping back, going straight through the surface bullshit to your core, the direct route and exposing it, the shit/stories that you’re overthinking and allowing emotions to control your choices and decisions which is blocking and causing you to hold back.  Let’s get straight to the fucking core shall we. 

Then part 2 is the process (Mountain-the challenge)  you deal with that shit, you process it, you action it, you integrate it, you do the uncomfortable, challenging shit that people will do almost anything to divert from. Whatever it is that needs to be done, you’ll do it, coz that’s what we do. 

People forget that part because you have this thing as a human, that having the information means you’ve changed, that’s delusional horse shit right there, different results and changing your fucking reality means that you’ve changed. 

Guess what, you don’t get rid of these human fears, you just understand them, recognise them as ‘your bullshit’ and get better at responding differently to them, you act in the face of them and detach from them as being who you are. You always act and practice using your courage balls, even when you don’t want to. 

I see it as I’m talking to the part of you that’s behind the walls, barriers, the surface level bullshit that’s been there to keep you safe, don’t get me wrong, it’s been doing a job for you, it’s had a purpose, remember basic human needs, SAFETY, however that looks, that’s what you’re mind is doing, it’s not purposely trying to fuck you over, that shit is in place to keep you safe. 

So i’m talking to and helping you to bring out more of YOU what’s underneath all that shit.

Because that is NOT really who you are is it , and you fucking know it. You just need some help working that shit out, we all do. 

It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, that you’re bat shit crazy or fucked up. (maybe a little, but isn’t that fun too). Just accept the FACT that you’ve got some work to do , there is always work to do. People are just so used to comfort, complacency and feeling fucking good as a goal that anything that makes your mind tell you, FUCK THAT SHIT, we are not doing that. But that’s EXACTLY what you need to do my friend.

As well as the human side you have the identity to explore, you know, letting go of shit that isn’t actually you and was never you in the first place, but again it served a purpose, it helped you get to this point. 

Strip and filter out what isn’t you and just remember who you were before all those rules, expectations, should’s, should not’s, have to’s, need to’s blah blah blah. FUUUUUCK, that’s a lot of bullshit to fiulter through. 

But you want to go further don’t you ? 

You want more and you’re tired and frustrated with fucking around, you are at that ‘something ahas top change, crisis point, tired of your own bullshit. Which is the best place to be at. You’re more likely to do the work required. 

This is an inside job amigo.

To do that you gotta drop some shit off and make space for something new. Makes simple sense right. 

You need some kind of external pressure, some kind of challenge/catalyst for transformation so you can practice using your courage balls which is where you’ll get your levelled up confidence from, mental toughness, resilience and how you turn the fucking dial up of your honest self expression, also you will inevitably give a lot less fucks about a whole lot of shit you concern yourself way too much with.

You have to figure out your own process, it’s not a, hey this is THE way you need to operate and process, thats part of your individuality, its unique to you so stop listening to other people giving stupid fucking advice.

What happens when you do all this and why the fuck would you want to bother?


This is what i like to call ‘The Inevitable outcome’.


Well this is the 3rd part and the best thing about this is that you don’t need to do anything.

Fucking awesome right.

This is what i like to call, the inevitable outcome.

That repeating stage 1 and 2 over and over as we strip away, it’s INEVITABLE that this is going to happen, it’s near on impossible, as long as YOU continue to do the work and implement it, IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN, it’s a byproduct of Stripping away and implementing this shit into your life. 

It’s just how this shit works, most people waste so much time and energy on wanting to understand every fucking thing about ‘the how’ ‘the process’.

The only things you need concern yourself with is stripping and implementing, the rest,


Hence, ‘The Inevitable Outcome’, so let’s not make this more difficult and more complicated as it needs to be, ok pumpkin.



If you manage to read all through my waffling bullshit to this point.

Let’s have one of those computer face type conversations shall we and see what’s going on with you and start having some fucking fun solving some problems.

How’s that sound ?

Either fill out the contact form or you can message me through Facebook. 

easy peasy right. So go do it. 


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