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Becoming truly honest with yourself about yourself is one the most courageous and freeing things you will ever do. Nothing to hide, nothing to prove. Stop fucking lying to yourself.



The ability to do something with bravery and strength in the face of difficulty. Aka rub your courage balls and stop hiding and holding back on life because of fear.



Experience is your best teacher, anyone can read a book, do a google search and regurgitate shit, you HAVE to put it to the test, put it into practice otherwise you just become another full of shit human being who believes their own hype. We need experiences and challenges for growth and transformation.



Because sarcasm is life. Life was never meant to be serious. Humour is actually one the most healing energies you can use to cut through the shit, so chill the fuck out and don’t take yourself so seriously. We’re all going to die at some point so enjoy each moment as best you can.

Me in a nutshell.

The Naked Mountain Man is really play on philosophy and values for men. Of who the fuck you are when you’re stripped back to your bare bones, nothing to hide, nothing to prove. How would you show up for yourself in life without all the baggage you carry around with you?  Who are you underneath all that shit? I spent my early years (16-30) serving in the Royal Navy.

After leaving i faced my biggest set of challenges i probably ever had with feeling completely lost, lack of identity, emotionally disconnected, low self worth and trying to find new purpose, meaning and direction in life. i had become complacent and unfulfilled with life.

I help men and women with their own internal game, everything on paper and from the outside world looks fine right, but there is that feeling inside that something is missing which shows up in every area of your life – your work, relationships, health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) to strip back  and show up in the world more whole and stop hiding and  holding back on life.